GTMI Strategic Plan

In February 2017, a strategic planning committee was named. Committee members represent a diverse group of stakeholders that includes faculty, staff, government partners and industry leaders. The committee’s first discussion focused on looking at new external drivers such as the new National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI), emerging technologies, and macro-economic trends that will impact manufacturing in the next five to ten years. The second was to look at internal changes such as the Advanced Manufacturing Pilot Facility (AMPF), manufacturing of biological and stem cells, and to incorporate the revised GT IRI objectives. Moving through the process, the committee also analyzed GTMI through a deep Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) exercise.

Through the SWOT analysis, the committee synthesized the information to derive a set of signature initiatives that can assist GTMI in meeting its goals and its mission.


GTMI will be the world’s premier institution anticipating needs and providing solutions on the frontiers of manufacturing research, application, and deployment.


To pursue knowledge and skills that accelerate the translation of manufacturing-related research into high impact products and manufacturing systems.

Strategic Goals

Goal #1:

Establish and sustain GT as a premier technology university for manufacturing related research, education, and thought leadership

Goal #2:

Champion and support GT excellence in multi-disciplinary manufacturing research & innovation

Goal #3:

Create and deploy transformative capabilities across GT to identify and collaboratively solve systems-level, high impact manufacturing challenges